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Commissions! (post under construction) [19 Jul 2009|11:01pm]
PRICE (same for traditional and CG):
Sketchy (just pencil): $10
Cleaned-up (inked with pen): $12


SHADED / COLORED (by hand)


SHADED / COLORED (digitally)


More and more recent examples of my work can be found on my DeviantArt page, prite.deviantart.com.

  • Add $5 for each additional character!

  • I don't have very much experience with backgrounds, but given enough information I could certainly make an attempt! No set price at this time.

  • Would you like me to mail you your finished picture? With traditional-media pictures, I can send you the original drawing; with computer media, I can send you an 8.5"x11" print of the finished image. No set price at this time.

Whatever this junk is called:
  • The artwork - not the characters therein, mind you - is copyrighted to me. I reserve the right to post any images I draw in my galleries or to use them for the sake of self-advertisement.

  • The artwork is not to be used for commercial purposes, like selling it or any item upon which it might have been placed.

  • The recipient of a commission is permitted to use the picture they have requested for non-commercial purposes (like computer graphics on personal websites or pages, for example).
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[18 Jul 2009|02:20am]
Okay, so... I finally went and signed up for a PayPal account, which I've been needing to do for a while anyway, and I think I'm about all ready to go with a first attempt at commissions. My final remaining problem is the pricing of my art, which is very hard to do as I'm pretty biased against it, having seen how wonderful the things other people offer are.

I'll look around on my own, too, but help would be super-appreciated.

Samples of work can be found on my DA account, that being prite.deviantart.com .

In the scraps, too, since sometimes decent stuff ends up there.

Will post again when I have a clearer idea?
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